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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Evolution and Hypocrisy

Wisconsin State Democratic Representative Terese Berceau, is using her political power by authoring a bill to prevent “. . . religious and political influence in science instruction in public schools.”* With this same hypocrisy she claims that Intelligent Design is not testable while not mentioning the untestable nature of evolution.

Evolution to the common person means the cells-to-humans variety. But the only evidence for this kind of evolution is an extrapolation from adaptation such as bacteria surviving antibacterial drugs. But an extrapolation is not testable!

Likewise, evolution education is firmly planted in mid air. By this I mean it has no foundation. Origin of life and origin of matter have no empirical, repeatable scientific evidence. Since evolutionists do not include origin issues as part of evolution then what is the foundation to evolution? The answer is air. There is no foundation.

Evolutionists, such as Ms. Berceau, need to quit their hypocrisy and promotion of a double standard. If Wisconsin public school science classes are to eliminate Intelligent Design discussion then we should also have them eliminate all discussions of natural origins and evolution based on extrapolation. That at least would eliminate the hypocrisy and double standard.

* Heather Halweg, The Daily Cardinal, Wednesday, February 8, 2006.


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